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The difference between being a good pizza operation and a great pizza operation is learning how to aggressively market your restaurant all 365 days of each year! That's where InfoVine comes in.

Statistics show that of all the people who buy pizza, 40%, or 4 out of 10 people will purchase three times a month, 27% of these people will buy twice a month and 33% will buy once a month.


The habits of these individuals will not change unless you give them a reason to change, and to do that consistently you must automate the process of marketing your pizzeria.

​We employ programs that are bringing pizza shops unparalleled success.  We can jump start your low producing pizzerias or promote your entire pizza restaurant chain with Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns that drive customers to your location and online store.

  • Drive customer traffic - Saturate nearby residential communities and businesses and direct customer traffic to your pizza shop

  • Establish Refer-A-Friend Program - Engage with current customer contacts and drive them to your location 

  • Create brand awareness - Let people know you’re nearby by reaching out to your local community or desired target area

  • Have people find your location - Our advanced mapping technology can give personalized directions from a specific address to your pizza shop

With more people working from home and businesses relying entirely on digital marketing, direct mail has made a huge and valuable comeback.


“People look forward to direct mail that is interesting to them. Direct mail campaigns recently have the highest response rates ever recorded by the Data and Marketing Association at 9%.” Printing Impressions

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"We highly recommend InfoVine Inc. When we met them, our referrals were declining and our staff was not functioning as a team. We knew we needed to expand our referral base and had heard that InfoVine Inc was a great resource for this. Our workshop experience was terrific and their customer service was excellent. The end result? Beautiful and professionally branded marketing materials, a cohesive staff who now improves our patient experience daily, a 30% increase in referrals and finally, staff and physicians who are happier and more satisfied with their working environment.”