Taking the Integrated Marketing Agency to the Next Level

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Traditionally, marketing agencies and print shops have worked in silos, even though they frequently work on the same client campaigns. An agency manages printing for their clients and the clients pay a markup for printing services. The agency outsources the clients’ printing to a third-party print vendor. If a job calls for specialty printing, cutting, or binding, the agency may need to find another vendor. And if it needs to be mailed, the agency has to find yet another vendor.

This may be the way “things have always been done,” but it can cause unnecessary headaches, miscommunication and dropped balls. When your campaign is handled by several vendors, quality control suffers and your brand can fall through the cracks.

When you partner with a fully integrated marketing agency that's taking things to the next level with in-house printing and fulfillment, in addition to omni-channel and digital marketing, your entire campaign is handled by one cohesive team that truly knows your brand.

Hasn't This Been Done Before?

The short answer is not really. Integrated marketing agencies have been around for a while, but there aren't many that include in-house commercial printing among their service offerings. Most often, their services are limited to branding, digital marketing, and design.

There are also print shops that offer “marketing,” but typically that simply means production design to get your jobs print-ready. Or they may outsource marketing to another vendor. It’s rare that a printer does everything in-house.

The marketing agency of the future is fully integrated, offering literally everything you need to build and manage your brand from one, unified team in one location.

A truly integrated marketing agency provides:

  • Brand Strategy (Positioning, Research & Analysis, Brand Management)

  • Omni-channel Marketing (Print, Online, Social, Mobile, Email, Point-of-Sale)

  • Creative Services (Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, Content Development)

  • Digital Marketing (Social Media, SEO & Analytics, UX Design & IA, Targeting & Retargeting, Lead Generation)

  • Printing (Digital & Offset, Large Format, On-Demand, Variable Data, Routing & Digital Cutting)

  • Mail & Fulfillment (Assembly & Kitting, Print-to-Post Mailing, Indicia Printing, Every Door Direct Mail®, Sorting, Data Cleansing)

A Streamlined Experience

With a single-source marketing partner, everyone is on the same team and every player has a vested interest in seeing you succeed. The team can easily collaborate among themselves and with you, and everyone stays in constant communication. Your requests and questions aren’t passed down the line like a bad game of telephone. You make one call or send one email to get an update on your project.

More Brand for Your Buck

The term consolidation is synonymous with strengthening, and it’s often used to communicate value. So what happens when you consolidate your marketing team?

Your brand is strengthened and you get big, growth-producing results while saving money.

You stretch your marketing budget because when your marketing agency has an in-house commercial printer, agency markups on printing are a thing of the past. You also save time and minimize frustration with fewer hoops to jump through, fewer miscommunications, and fewer headaches.

At InfoVine, the future is now. See how we can help you and your business grow.

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