Online Brand Management Made Easy

When it comes to ordering branded marketing materials, you can do things the old way:

1.  Contact your marketing agency to get an estimate on a reprint with some slight copy changes.

2.  The agency contacts a printer to get a bid.

3.  The agency marks up the printing and sends you their estimate.

4.  An approval is needed on the estimate.

5.  You work with the creative team to finalize edits.

6.  You approve the artwork.

7.  Gather the files to press.

8. Wait for delivery.

The whole process can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the agency’s schedule and the back and forth of approvals for minor changes.

Or you can do things the new, easier way and use our custom ordering interface to manage all of your company's printed marketing materials through your own branded digital storefront in half the time.

How It Works

1. We set up a branded storefront with an easy-to-navigate catalog of materials you use for your company. We can keep the look and feel simple or design a storefront that looks similar to your website. The layouts are preloaded with your logo and exact dimensions.

2. You choose the job type (postcard, brochure, business card, t-shirt, etc) and the quantity you need, then add to cart.

3. You fill out all necessary information (phone number, website, email address, product specs, etc) and upload any images you want.

4. You get an instant proof of the job and check out.

5. When you fill in your billing information, you can use a credit card or attach the cost to an account. You can also choose or purchase a mailing list.

6. We receive your order and your job is sent to print. If you need mail fulfillment, we do that in-house, also.

The benefits are endless, but here are a few:

  • Organize your products in an easy-to-navigate online catalog

  • Get an immediate price quote without having to contact us

  • Automatically apply your brand standards to products

  • Easily create print files for mass mailings by combining your artwork and variable data for mail merge

  • Order small or large print runs anytime you need a product

  • Assign budgets based on role or division and track spending

  • No matter who in your organization is ordering, you control the budget

  • If you have multiple locations, each one can order their own materials

No more having to contact your agency, wait on a designer, or request a new quote for every job. Just choose the product from your storefront, enter your text, upload images, and submit your order. We’ll get it printed fast on our top-of-the-line HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press.

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