Marketing to New Movers Now

New movers have the highest conversion rates, are the most loyal, and have the highest response rates of any demographic. They’re a high-value target. They are five times more likely to become long-term customers if you reach them first. Within the first 180 days, new homeowners spend nearly $10,000 on items for their new home and new movers will also spend more making their new spaces comfy and cozy.

New Movers:

● Are searching for trustworthy local businesses like yours with which to build relationships.

● Spend tens of thousands of dollars more each year than longtime residents.

● Are 4-8 times more likely than longtime residents to respond to direct mail offers.

Move quickly – the “new” becomes old soon

Introduce new movers to your business before they've established loyalties to your competitors. New movers are 5 times more likely to become long-term customers if you can reach them before the competition. InfoVine’s new mover marketing program puts your local business in front of new customers looking for you. New Mover Direct Mail can give your business a consistent flow of new customers.

Direct mail has an 80-90% open rate and is still held to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. New residents are one of the most reliable sources of new customers. Movers are not only a high-spending group (annual new mover expenditures exceed over $170 billion), they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to developing new brand loyalties.

New mover marketing works for MOST industries, but it’s particularly effective for:

1. Dentists 2. Family practitioners 3. Eye doctors 4. Hair salons 5. Nail salons 6. Day spas 7. Gyms 8. Dance studios 9. Private schools 10. Day care 11. Music teachers 12. Tutors 13. Churches 14. HVAC 15. Landscapers 16. Pest Control 17. Plumbing 18. Pool service 19. Remodeling companies 20. Flooring companies 21. Construction and roofing companies 22. Window companies 23. Carpet cleaners 24. Furniture retailers 25. Specialty shops 26. Restaurants

How do we find new movers in your neighborhood?

InfoVine offers new mover data solutions since timing matters. Mailing data goes through an extensive data append and hygiene process, including standardization and Delivery Point Validation (DPV). Over 70% of our records include previous addresses. This process enhances response rates by 15% compared to standard direct mail campaigns.

New Mover Tracker + Interactive Distribution Map

InfoVine’s proprietary new mover tracking system provides the most accurate database and mailing list in the country. We work in your target market to find new potential customers for your business. High value, accuracy, and proven response rates have made InfoVine the leader in new mover marketing for over 20 years.

Click here to learn more about how InfoVine can help you with your New Mover Marketing campaigns.

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