Make it Personal with Variable Printing for Direct Mail

Despite what you may have heard, direct mail is not dead. But sending out mass mailings of postcards is an outdated, inefficient direct mail method.

Personalized direct mail pieces have a 300% higher response rate than non-personalized pieces and can yield a 4X increase in your direct mail ROI.

Let’s address the “why” and then we’ll get to the “how.”

Why Personalized Direct Mail Works

Reason 1: People don’t want to be part of the masses. They’ve come to expect a level of personalization in marketing because of social media and retargeted digital ads. This type of marketing resonates with them because it speaks directly to their specific needs.

Reason 2: It attracts a lot of attention. According to an InfoTrends 2016 study, almost 85% of respondents said they are more likely to open or read direct mail that is personalized to them.

Reason 3: Even Millennials love it. Everyone is trying to connect with Millennials because they’re currently the largest segment of consumers. As invested as they are in technology, 90% of them say they prefer direct mail promotions over email promotions, but only when those direct mail promotions are customized for them.

How to Use Variable Data to Personalize Direct Mail

Personalizing direct mail using variable data goes far beyond adding a recipient’s name to a postcard. By using the latest digital printing technology, consumer and demographic data can be used to create hyper-targeted direct mail.

  • Start with good data. Optimize your mailing list by weeding out unqualified leads and organizing it by whatever data you want to use (geographic location, marital status, age, purchasing history).

  • Personalize with images. Advertising should always feature eye-catching imagery, but with variable data printing, you can change the image for each recipient to match their demographics and interests. For example, a sporting goods store can feature an image of baseball for those who have purchased baseball equipment in the past. Or they can feature an image of soccer for those who have kids on the local soccer team.

  • Go the distance. Your direct mail could just say, “Visit an ABC store near you” or it could say, “Your nearest ABC store is 2.1 miles away.” With variable data printing, you can provide an exact map to your location or show a recipient exactly how far they are from your location to the mile or minute.

  • Give them an offer they can’t refuse. You can use existing customer data like purchase history or past behavior to send targeted offers to recipients. For example, a grocery store can use a customer’s previous purchase history to send coupons for items a customer frequently buys. Or a bank can send a custom promo code for opening a new account to new members of the community.

Personalizing direct mail is surprisingly simple and affordable, but it can make a huge difference in your response rates, ROI, and customer loyalty.

Let’s talk about how we can use your data and our highly advanced printing technology to create a smart, strategic direct mail campaign that gets results.

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