Bring Customers Back Now with EDDM

The pandemic and subsequent recession have been hard on businesses. Now more than ever, locally owned companies and franchises need an inexpensive way to reach thousands of existing and potential customers to bring them back through the doors.

By far, the most cost-effective method for reaching a wide audience in close proximity to your location is through Every Door Direct Mail® or EDDM.

EDDM is a service offered by the USPS that distributes your direct mail piece to entire neighborhoods of potential customers at one time without needing a mailing list. Your piece is delivered to every mailbox within a chosen postal carrier route.


Smaller, local companies benefit most from EDDM because they tend to have lower marketing budgets and likely don’t have a marketing agency in-house to handle a direct mail campaign, but their business appeals to a large number of people in nearby neighborhoods. Some examples are restaurants, medical clinics, real estate agents, dry cleaners, nurseries, and car dealerships.


Right now, mailboxes are being checked more than inboxes.

With so many people still at home and the online market being overly saturated with digital ads and marketing emails, direct mail is helping businesses stand out from the crowd.

And, despite rumors that direct mail is an outdated marketing method, it continues to prove effective.

We’re a certified EDDM printer, an EDDM Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) mail permit holder, and the only place in Houston that offers a large-scale, end-to-end EDDM service.

We’ll design, write, print, and mail low-cost, high-impact direct mail that saturates your surrounding neighborhoods and gets customers back in your door. Let’s get started.

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