6 Ways to Slay B2B Digital Marketing Right Now

With more people working from home than ever, businesses have had to pivot their marketing strategy to focus on digital efforts. There’s no doubt that having a digital presence right now is crucial to staying relevant, but because so many businesses are turning to social media and online marketing, the channels are oversaturated.

Here are 6 digital marketing tactics to help you can stand out, increase engagement, stay competitive, and keep driving business, despite the current climate.

Focus on staying on the radar. It’s tempting to pull back on marketing and cut ad spend during a global crisis, but the better strategy is to shift your spend to include more online marketing. Even if people aren’t buying right now, they’re spending a lot of time online so it’s important that your business stays top of mind. When they’re ready to engage again, you’ll be one of the companies they remember. Don’t let your brand fall through the cracks.

Personalize your LinkedIn strategy. The pandemic has made a lot of businesses take another look at how they generate leads. They’re finding that the canned approach just doesn’t work. Audiences are craving personalized communications. If you use InMail for lead generation, be sure to send out genuine messages that are tailored to the recipient. Find out something about their business and mention it in your message (Example: “Thanks for connecting, Dave. I saw that your company is having a great quarter. Congrats!”)

Take control of lead generation. Along those same lines, while it’s fine to use a lead generation service for LinkedIn, don’t rely on them to craft tailored messages. Be sure to guide them in the types of messages you want to send out. If you’re thinking of hiring a lead generation company, do your homework. Will they take the time to truly get to know your business before developing a campaign? Will they tailor the campaign to your exact needs? Will you have any control over the messages being sent out?

Optimize with targeted marketing. Go deep into your data to find how your audience engages with you, and then use that data to reach out to them effectively. Who has visited your website via social media? Target them with a paid social media campaign. Who frequently opens your emails? Target them with an email offering something they need right now.

Use cross-channel marketing. Don’t rely on just one channel to reach your audience. Keep the conversation going using two or more channels. If you post on social media about a current business obstacle, link it to a blog showing your expertise on the topic. Then use email or paid online ads to market a service or product you offer that helps your audience overcome that obstacle.

Keep churning out valuable content. Giving your audience helpful information is always important, but right now no one wants to be pitched to. They want insights that will show them how to adapt, thrive, or even pioneer during this challenging time and well into the future. Be empathetic, not pushy. Just as business owners can’t do business as usual, you can’t do marketing as usual if you want to keep them engaged. Use this time to build trust and respect.

Digital marketing is an effective way to stay top of mind during this current climate, but you have to stay mindful of what your audience is experiencing and what they need right now. Sometimes making a lasting impression online is more important than how many online impressions you get.

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