Integrating offline and online targeting efforts

Offline and online communications are becoming more integrated than ever before, and the metrics for which marketing channels are effective is often surprising. Digital technology is now easily integrated into direct print marketing to create a more tangible experience. A few examples of this integration include:

  • Personalizing each mail piece (differentiating names, messaging, images) and creating customized geo-maps using variable data

  • Using QR codes (they’re back!) to start the tracking process

  • Utilizing the emerging technology of Augmented Reality (AR), which can turn a postcard into a virtual tour on your phone


Consider direct mail as the first touchpoint with targeted audiences

Because of its high response rate across all generational segments, direct mail is a great go-to for raising initial
brand awareness. Since 2020, more people are working from home and checking their mailbox more frequently.
And with current technology, direct mail is easily customized with their names, different messaging, and even
different images. In addition, direct mail is not affected by ad blockers or other browsing filters.

Digital marketing can be used in tandem with direct mail and is an effective tool to further boost engagement
(social media, email marketing and paid search are a few examples). The more touch points you have with the
customer, the more likely you are to get their attention. Digital media can also be leveraged to push out the most
up-to-date offers & incentives or answer any follow up questions.

Choosing the right audience

Whether it’s people active on sites like HAR and Zillow, apartment renters, or simply those watching home
improvement TV, we can help get your message to the right potential buyer.

Data Optimization, Testing & Refining

  • People might move or relocate, and you want to be sure that your list data is current. We will
    optimize your list data as your campaign rolls out, using up-to-date NCOA lists to ensure accuracy.

  • Part of creating a successful campaign is testing to see what messaging resonates most with your
    audience. We can help you with A/B testing to refine messages throughout the process, implement
    capable tracking mechanisms to determine what additional content people are looking for, and
    optimize future campaigns based on these findings.

Give us a call today and we can help you get your marketing integration off the ground.