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Using THe Mapping Tool

Step 1

Enter your address or zip code(s), then a search radius. 

Click "Submit" to select a target area.

Step 2

Select the carrier route areas that you would like to target. Demographic data is seen on the left side, as well as an option to target residential and/or business addresses.

Step 3

Once your targets are selected, you may review by clicking the "Table" button. Click the "CSV" button to download your target datasheet.

Step 4

Click "Next" below the mapping tool to proceed to the EDDM Form page.

Step 5

Fill out the form appropriately. Upload your target datasheet to the "Data File From Tool" field by either clicking "Choose file" or dragging and dropping the file to the field.

Start getting more customers now.  Call (713) 429-0690

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