Custom & automated postcard marketing campaigns setup in minutes.


Create amazing campaigns in 3 easy steps


Create Your Offer

Choose the perfect design, print, and marketing options to build great-looking marketing campaigns for your business.


Target the Right Prospects

Search for the best prospects using free, powerful geographic and demographic filters such as age, income, and drive-time from your location.


Launch Campaign

Our online mail delivery scheduling system puts you in control while eliminating all paperwork and hassles from the process.

Every order is 100% all-inclusive

We make it easy to plan and launch effective EDDM® campaigns on any budget with delivery from the Postal Service™
  • Free access to an online mapping tool

  • Thousand of free design templates

  • Full-color printing on both sides

  • Optional digital marketing add-on services

  • Mail preparation and paperwork

  • USPS® postage and fees

  • Drop off to Post Office®

  • Delivery to mailboxes

Design Your Mailpiece 

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Use our mapping tool to target the right prospects

Free Consultation

We provide a comprehensive solution to your direct marketing needs

Rapid Results

Reach customers quickly and
more efficiently

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Our data query tool allows you to build a list of any size of your ideal target audience.

Schedule your mail delivery

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Set your campaign budget

We understand that budgets vary significantly, and that is why we ensure our pricing is as transparent as possible.  We have no minimums and no long contracts--with EDDM®, you simply pay as you go.
Our team will work with you to optimize your campaign based on the budget you are comfortable with.  Postcard pricing varies by size but not by quantity.  Our goal is to ensure our postcard marketing platform is budget-friendly for even the smallest campaigns.

6x9 Postcards

Realestate PC

EDDM® Postage Rate
22.5¢ Each

6x11 Postcards


8.5 x 11 Postcards

Realestate PC
8.5x11 postcard.png

EDDM® Postage Rate
22.5¢ Each

EDDM® Postage Rate
22.5¢ Each

Let us handle the rest

We know you have other important tasks to focus on, so let us take care of the nitty-gritty of your postcard marketing campaign for you.
Once you have your postcard design and target audience, the rest of our postcard campaign is fully automated.  We'll handle the print, mail processing, logistics, and mailing so that your postcards are delivered to each recipient on your desired schedule.

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