Experience counts and product quality matters, especially when it represents your organization or business. And we’ve been creating quality work for over twenty years. InfoVine is focused on, not just the quality, but the productivity of every campaign and program we create, be it commercial or nonprofit. 

We’ve moved seamlessly into digital and data optimization to help lower your mailing costs through the wide range of new services offered by the US Postal Service. We can also ensure you make an impact on every client, customer, diner or donor once they’re through the door with  memorable signage, displays, and brochures. InfoVine can get you noticed and remembered.

Direct Marketing

Modern direct marketing encompasses a blend of both digital and physical channels. Typically the physical piece goes out but these days, the data comes back in. InfoVine can help you analyze the response and turn the data into dollars the more you know about your donors or customers and how to follow-up. We offer full support for your multi-channel marketing mix. 

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing currently has the highest response rates of any channel. It’s a must-have in your marketing mix.


Make your campaign more successful by following up print with online strategies, or vice versa.

USPS Services

The US Postal Service offers a wide array of powerful tools that can enhance your direct marketing efforts and help generate more business economically.

Direct Mail Tracking

The best way to fine tune a campaign is to test different strategies and track success. 

New Movers

New movers have the highest conversion  rates, are the most loyal, and have the highest response rates. They’re a high-value target.

Retail Solutions

We offer a one-stop shop solution for retail clients; everything from in-store signage to packaging to kitting.

Nonprofit Solutions

We’ve been helping non-profits grow their donors for over 20 years. We have proven methods to streamline your appeals efforts.

Mail Processing

In addition to creating and printing your direct mail program, we also process, sort, and mail. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Get more test drives with EDDM™

Using local mail routes, you can send postcards cheaper, faster, and even more targeted in your surrounding neighborhoods. Every Door Direct Mail is perfect for local promotion.

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- D. Davis

"I've had the pleasure of working with InfoVine multiple times and they deliver quality every time."


Experience Counts.

Intelligent Printing, Innovative Direct Marketing.