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Direct Marketing

From strategy to delivery—we can help you every step of the way.


Plan.Target. Sell.

At our core, we specialize in targeted direct marketing campaigns that empower organizations with a comprehensive selection of print and digital media. Our aim is to inform, educate, and inspire both existing and prospective customers, ensuring your message reaches the right audience with precision and impact.

Create compelling offers

At Infovine this is how we define direct mail excellence, the right offer, the right customer (audience) the right timing (delivery). It’s an ambitious goal – one we work in total partnership with you to achieve.

Results flow from a thorough understanding of how hard every direct marketing dollar must work to engage your customers before the competition does.


Postage optimization is a key to more sensible budget

Want to cut out wasted postage costs? Learn how our printing and postal expertise can maximize your postal savings. Our postal logistics team extends your savings by optimizing your data and streamlining your geographical reach.

Data: precision and insight for greater ROI.

Infovine offers data optimization so you don't have to worry about your mailing list being full of inaccurate information. We can pinpoint new prospects based on everything your data reveals about the customers you already have. Both services save money as they boost the relevancy and precision of your direct marketing campaign.


Creative appeal: standing out in the mailbox.

Our seamless, in-line manufacturing methods make your creative concepts come alive, with 100% variable data capabilities. We align our processes with your requirements for fast, cost-effective production. Innovative formats and dazzling special effects expand your toolbox, helping you capture the customer’s attention and loyalty.

Logistics: speeding you into the postal stream.

The finishing and logistics experts in our Lettershop know USPS regulations inside and out. Every step in the sorting, addressing and final packing of your campaign is designed for speed and savings. And with on-site USPS verification, we get you out the door and into the customer’s home faster.

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