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For more than 20 years, InfoVine has supported thousands of clients with hundreds of millions of direct marketing pieces with demonstrable results. Our services are extensive with 24/7 printing and mailing support. Whether you're considering a weekly mailer, newsletter, postcard or specialty product, we're here to help you from concept through fulfillment.

Customer data tool

The interactive map tool below makes it easy to select the right carrier routes or zip codes so that you can reach your targeted audience. Use the targeting software to generate counts and mail a campaign based on gender, age, income, or home ownership. This is just a snippet of our data capabilities. Contact us today to for a custom quote or to start a discussion about a particular campaign.

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Direct Marketing just got way more direct.

Data makes a world of difference:
  • Proximity targeting - reach customers in and around your business

  • Data-driven targeting - leverage deep analysis to predict behavior

  • Customer penetration reporting - determine effectiveness of engagement

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