Case Studies


Inventing a New Process for
Promotional Product Redemption

Problem: This national brand fuel retailer was seeking a way to reduce costs and automate the redemption process for promotion programs at their franchise retail fuel locations. The process had to provide verification and place redemptions into the fulfillment queue and provide real time data capture and dashboards to support marketing's analysis of promotion success.

SOLUTION: InfoVine's Innovation Team developed a solution that married variable digital print with development of a phone app and mirror website with data capture and validation. Our innovation team created a phone app/website that would gather redemption information, selectively validate certain fields, read the code on the promotion coupon and tie it to a photo of the pump receipt. The information was then sent to the fulfillment center for redemption. Utilizing variable digital print, envelope labels and personalized inserts were created for each request. Turnaround times were significantly improved, and real time performance data became available to marketing decision makers daily.

RESULT: The promotions management team were able to track the program's effectiveness and make continuing improvements in its marketing efforts. The program was further refined and has become the model for future retail promotions increasing participation and driving retail sales improvements. Numerous product promotions now have a single platform and process to control costs and expedite fulfillment of marketing items to customers.


Problem: In new client acquisition this large retail client was heavily relying on digital advertising while minimizing direct mail. Response rates from digital channels were showing significant decline when compared with previous direct mail initiatives.

SOLUTION: InfoVine's Innovation Team worked closely with this client to develop a direct mail program with integrated consumer location data. Each direct mail promotional piece includes a map with the route from each recipient's address to the nearest store. Also included were the distance and estimated time to traverse the route. This was made possible through the unique capability of HP's most advanced digital press which integrated consumer address data with the mapping program to create a personalized mailer for each recipient.

RESULT: The retailer reported significant improvement in store traffic after the direct mail promotion programs were launched. Due to the results of the program, InfoVine and the retailer are exploring additional applications of the technology to further drive improvements in store traffic.

Increasing Customer Acquisition
for a Nationwide Chain


Problem: A state agency tasked with managing private partners serving the community needed a mechanism to implement controls and standardization on print communications from various partners. The agency had difficulty tracking and managing excess and obsolete print material ordered by each of the private partners, tying up and wasting scarce public resources. In addition, agency brand management was being compromised by lack of control over private partner's independently ordering print material.

SOLUTION:InfoVine created a private online storefront system for all partners to order print material with 24/7 ordering capability. The storefront incorporates standardized forms and brand design for all print material. It also includes partner budget controls and reporting for the agency to better manage contractor excess ordering, and the elimination of obsolete print inventory. The overall cost of print material was reduced through the integration of the storefront directly to the variable print capability of HP's most advanced digital press which prints on demand. The system provides fast turn-around time, allowing the partners to order only what they need for the near term, significantly reducing excess print runs, obsolete inventory, and creating tight control to budget.

RESULT: The agency and its partners quickly recognized the advantages of the new system which reduced the waste and cost of outdated forms by more than 50%. It also allowed each of the partners to simplify their system, cost of forms, and expedite distribution to system end-users.

Problem: The patients at this cancer center face a tightly scheduled regimen of tests, evaluations, treatments and physician appointments. The center found their email and online patient notification systems were not effective for a significant number of patients, resulting in a high rate of missed appointments. This led to a large cost impact and loss of revenue due to under utilization of resources.

SOLUTION: Working with the cancer center, InfoVine developed a solution utilizing on-demand digital printing to produce and mail appointment schedules and notifications on a fast-turn, same day basis. The cancer center’s IT department generates appointment schedules and notification data for each patient on a 30-day-out calendar. Data is uploaded directly to InfoVine's HP 12000 digital press on a 24/7 basis through a secure and encrypted link. To handle the large volumes of HIPPA data, InfoVine completes real time printing and fulfillment of the more informative patient notifications, mailing daily. The system also provided automated reports to the cancer center of usage to help them better utilize their available services.

RESULT: Missed appointments are rapidly declining and resource utilization is increasing, while improving the patients' experience in the treatment program.

Improving Brand Management & Budget
for a Complex, Multi-Office Network

Impacting Cost Containment & Revenue Management for a Major Hospital System