InfoVine puts you in front of the right buyers interested in buying a new home.

Buying season is nearly here. Sales are hot and inventory is scarce. And it’s been a wild ride from 2020 to now—everything from lumber shortages to more and more builders discussing whether they’re going public. It’s important to offer your customers a smooth and enjoyable brand experience.

Fine-tuning your direct marketing is how to gain the advantage NOW

It’s more important than ever to be top of mind with the right buyer. It’s the same concept as marketing during a downturn: companies that have made an impression, during good times and bad, will come out ahead. With lopsided inventory, the shifts in demographics should change to buyers willing to pay a premium and are more flexible with closing the date. Things like quality, amenities, and options will matter more than price to premium buyers.

Prepare for the rebound in supply chain to come

Lumber and other materials won’t be scarce forever. When the pipeline starts to flow again, prices will settle, and the buying landscape will be able to meet demand. It’s still highly beneficial to stay top of mind with normal buyers for the winter cycle as well. Those communications can be less targeted and drip campaigns slowed to a lower frequency over the summer.

Direct mail should be the first touchpoint

Because of its high response rate across all generational segments, direct mail is a great go-to for raising initial brand awareness. Since 2020, more people are working from home and checking their paper mail more frequently. And with current technology, direct mail is easily customized with their names, different messaging, and even different images. In addition, direct mail is not affected by ad blockers or other browsing filters.

Choosing the right audience

Whether it’s people active on listing sites like HAR and Zillow, apartment renters, or simply watching home improvement TV, we can help get your message to the right potential buyer.

Follow up and refining
  • Digital media can also be leveraged to push out the most up-to-date offers & incentives or have any follow-up questions answered.

  • We will optimize your list data as your campaign rolls out. People might move or relocate and you want to be sure that your list data is current, or it becomes wasteful.

  • Part of creating a successful campaign is testing to see what messaging resonates most with your audience. We always recommend A/B testing to refine messages throughout the process. Also having capable tracking mechanisms in place will help discern what additional content people are looking for, once they hit your website.

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