Staying top-of-mind
for the long run

Home buying is a big decision for most people, and coupled with price volatility and material shortages, the market has everyone in limbo. Right now, it's more important than ever to make short term changes to your marketing strategy.

Fine-tune your direct marketing to gain the advantage NOW

It’s more important than ever to be top-of-mind with the right buyer. Downturns and volatile markets share similar traits with regards to consumer confidence, and companies that maintain consistent brand awareness have proven to come out ahead in the long term.

  • Audience adjustments
    With lopsided inventory, the shifts in demographics should change to buyers willing to pay a premium and more flexible with the closing date. Things like quality, amenities, and more options will matter more than price to premium buyers. They’re a smaller audience, so it makes sense to scale back larger demographic pools and focus more on these types of buyers for the short term. It will save marketing dollars and streamline the purchasing process.

  • Focus inward
    Use the shortage to your advantage to create more robust sales tools and make refinement changes to your brand that have been put on hold. It could be a number of things that have been on the back burner:

    • Refining your CRM data

    • Updating your collateral and website

    • Designing a more seamless online and offline experience

    • Creating better sales and training tools

    • Streamlining your customer brand experience within your divisions

Prepare for the rebound in supply chain to come
​Lumber and labor won’t be scarce forever. When the pipeline starts to flow again, prices will settle, and the buying landscape will be able to meet demand. The larger buyer groups that are less targeted shouldn’t be devoid of communications, but should be dialed down to less frequency. 

  • Direct mail drip campaigns can be slowed down and spaced further apart

  • Reallocate budgets to the winter cycle to boost off-season sales

  • Get an early start on the 2022 season

We can help with all of these things and help take the headache out of direct marketing.


Integrating your online and offline efforts

New technologies are emerging at a rapid pace, bringing traditional marketing and online marketing closer than ever before.